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Westminster Collection Strikes Again

Started by kena, September 24, 2013, 05:40:14 PM

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I got on these folks email lists since I have purchased UK £5 coins at face value from them.

This latest offer has been a bit puzzled.

Coin: Eisenhower Moonlanding $1 Dollar
Diameter: 38.1mm, Weight: 22.68g, Metal: Clad with .800 Silver


Mass    22.68g for copper-nickel pieces. For silver-clad pieces 24.59 g

For silver clad: Outer layers of 80% silver with a center of 20.9% silver. Aggregate 60% copper, 40% silver
Silver    None in circulation strikes. For silver-clad pieces 0.3162 troy oz

Picture of the Ike dollar is a 1972-D one.....silver ones were all proof with an S mint mark.

p.s. I don't intend on paying £78.99 for this item anyways.


You know your way around in Ike dollars. Most people don't. The come-on of the coin at face is a way to gather addresses of people interested in coins. The knowledgeable will sift themselves out. The rest has a good chance of falling for the hype, the sales pressure and the legalese nonsense thrown at them when they complain. Typically, they are small savers, people who want to leave something for their children or grandchildren, pensioners, people scared by what they read in newspapers. You know the type. Innocent, naive, being taken advantage of.

The marketing of these Westminster people makes me sick. It borders on fraud, but their victims don't know what their rights are and what they can do against these vultures.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


I am fairly familiar with Ike dollars.  Not an expert in the varities of them.

I have spent my fair share of them when they circulated as well as putting some thru a slot machine on a Sea Escape cruise ship years ago.

I have all of the clad ones from the P and D mints (including the 1973 ones which were in mint sets only).

Also have a silver 1976 S Proof, a clad 1977 S Proof, and a silver 1971 S one (graded ULTRA CAM PF 68 by NGC).

Tempted to try to contact them about their offer being wrong in some details but not really sure it is worth the hassle.


I did leave feedback via their web site.  Wonder if I will get a reply.


No reply from them but they have changed the page.

Diameter: 38.1mm, Weight: 24.59g, Metal: Clad with .400 Silver

and they now show a 1972 S coin.

Still not buying one.



I have received a reply:

Thank you for contacting us with your enquiry.

Following your correspondence, may I firstly thank you for contacting
us in regards to the product specification error on our webpage
offering the Neil Armstrong Memorial Coin Cover.

It appears that the product specifications and images used were
previously incorrect and these have now been updated to reflect the
correct information. The correct and updated specifications for the
coin are as follows:

Diameter: 38.1mm, Weight: 24.59g, Metal: Clad with .400 Silver

Further to this, it is a Silver Clad Dollar struck at San Francisco
Mint and this is denoted by the 'S' on the obverse.

In addition, the coins included with the item have always been that
with the specifications provided above. Therefore, each customer has
received the correct coin, although the information on our website was
previously incorrect.

May I again thank you for your comments regarding the matter and I
hope this answers your enquiry. However, if you need any further
information, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, post or
via email at

Yours sincerely

Craig Noye
Customer Admin Team Leader

While I feel the product over priced still, I am happy that have now changed the information.


Alan Glasser

WOW!!! 79 Euros!!!...The coin is essentially available at a very small premium here is the States and occasionally one shows up at the banks for $1 U.S. . It seems rather a high price for the cardboard holder. Gee...couldn't someone just print out the photo of the "cover" and for $1, have the benefit of the coin and the cover?  ::)  I have a few of the silver Uncs...didn't buy proofs...and there is essentially no market for them.

Heck...I don't care if the total "mintage" of the cardboard cover is 10...or 5...or 1.... it seems rather an extreme price to pay for the cardboard!! But then...who am I to talk...I have spent hundreds of $ for a coin with some obscure musician on it. I wasn't exactly fighting off hoards of competing bidders when I went after THAT music coin on Ebay!!! :-\



"Eisenhower Moonlanding $1 Dollar"

I didn't know Eisenhower went to the moon.

Apparently he wasn't alone.

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It is lonely in outer space but surely not THAT lonely  >:D

Quote from: WillieBoyd2 on February 17, 2014, 09:25:37 PM
"Eisenhower Moonlanding $1 Dollar"

I didn't know Eisenhower went to the moon.

Apparently he wasn't alone.



BTW  The Ikes were in Mint Sets and if anyone desires to get the coin just buy the mint set. The 1978 set for instance sells for around US $6, The 1976 regular set (different reverse) sells for around US $7 and you get the other coins too.

But if you want a 40% Silver one. The cheapest Silver Clads are about $13 for uncirculated examples (not in sets).

The most expensive is the MS 1972 Type II (there were three types). Maybe US $80?