Proposal to Nominate: Pseudo Countries, Pseudo Coins

Started by paisepagal, September 15, 2013, 07:23:07 PM

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I would like to nominate this thread,6848.msg66661.html#msg66661

The thread has personally helped me save a fair bit of money in not buying fantasy fact a quick google will not pull up a similarly consolidated, comprehensive and updated collection of such fantasy coins & countries... The article is a ready reckoner for anyone who collects world coins trying to navigate through this fairly commercialised world in which some fantasy pieces are misleading while others are downright peddled as legal tender coinage


An excellent article where very less of such information is available on the web. However I think we must clean this up and make it into a good post. Otherwise superb.
A guide on Republic India Coins & Currencies


Yes the thread would have to be cleaned up from all the random comments that wouldn't necessarily contribute the thread