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Coins of the British Commonwealth - Madras Presidency.

Started by BC Numismatics, November 10, 2008, 10:27:39 AM

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BC Numismatics

Here's another section that will be of interest to those who collect Indian coins.This time,it is about the coins of the Madras Presidency.

Please feel free to post up photos of your Madras Presidency coins.



Oesho wrote:

" to comply with AdainĀ“s request herewith a few examples of
B.E.I.C. coins of the Madras Presidency.
There are far to many coins in this series, but to show a few in different
metals may be a start.
You may split them up in different treads if you want.

What to do?  I will present them all within this post, at least initially, depending on interest.  I'm in love with the half pagodas, but that is just me.

A. 40 Cash 1907
B.  half pagoda 1807
C. half pagoda 1808
D. Two pagoda
E. Three Murthy Pagoda
F. One Mohur

BC Numismatics

  Those are very nice coins.I love the silver 1/2 Pagoda & the gold 2 Pagodas.I know of no other country whose denomination is also the name of a type of building.

The 40 Cash is a coin I haven't got.I've got a few of the 5,10,& 20 Cash coins in my collection.



Yes, I agree with Aidan.  The 1/2 pagodas and the two pagoda are incredibly wonderful coins!  8)  8)  8) And I would add to them all of the others, but specially the Gold Pagoda with the three Murthies.  I gather that the Gold Pagoda is Km 304?  And the one half pagodas are km 344 (maybe?) and Km 354?  According to the standard catalog, the four languages used are Enlish, Persian, Tamil and Telegu.  Is the information in the standard catalog fairly accurate? 

BC Numismatics


Good Coins Indeed.
Can we have some information about the legends.