Slabbed EIC & Mughal Coins

Started by paisepagal, August 31, 2013, 01:01:20 PM

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Hello All,

A friend of mine from France just  bought over a collection of coins from a dealer there and found these 3 slabbed indian coins. As he does not collect these, he is looking to sell them off and get stuff he really wants. He is hoping we can guide him on a realistic price range for current market prices. His english is not good and he does not really want to register on WoC just for this one time matter.

Would be much obliged if anyone who specialises in this area can PM me price range estimates.



AFAIK  un-slabbed  coins of these era are available in the range of INR 1500 to 1800 ( say Euro 17 to 20 )

Regarding cost for  slabbing I've no experience .

Cheers ;D
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These are high quality pieces and would command a good price and premium. Since these are machine struck coins, grading would be possible. However, 2 have been graded PF which (ignorant to grading as I am) would mean Proof. They had no such concept then......

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He should be consigning these coins to an auction company and not sell them privately to get the best value. PM me and I will let you know the best options. These are proofs and worth a lot more (4 figures).


Please follow Repindia's advice on these coins. Pleasant surprises might happen.


Thank you all for the advice, this is indeed,very unexpectedly good news. I will keep you up to date on how it goes