Two Ottoman Akces to identify

Started by manpace, August 18, 2013, 10:30:09 PM

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I can't tell the tughras apart!  Anyone have any idea?




The first one doesn't have a tughra, and I'm going to have to do some more work to identify it.

The second one is clearly dated 1187 H (=1773-4), the accession date for Abdul Hamid I (1774-1789). The obverse needs to be turned 90 degrees anticlockwise and the reverse 90 degrees clockwise. I'm not sure of the mint for this one, but it appears to be dated year 1.



You're awesome, thanks.  That first one looks quite a bit older to me, leastways it is a very different style...


Any ideas on the first one?  You guys are great!


It is almost impossible to identify the first one. It looks like an akche or medini (double akche)

The secod one is a 5 or 10 Para of Abdulhamid 1st,
date  : AH 1187/1
mint : Kostantiniye (Constantinople)


Hi ottoman

It has to be an akce or a para: the 5 and 10 para have 4 line inscriptions on the reverse separated by horizontal lines, and the mint and date on the obverse under the toughra.

manpace, I should have asked you for the diameter and weight which will tell if it is akce or para.