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Unknown Native State Coin

Started by shariqkhan, October 28, 2008, 05:58:27 AM

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Dear Friends,
Please look this coin at under title "Unknown Native State Coin". The trident on this coins suggests its link with Gwalior. Please provide more information aout this coin.


I paste in a reply from Mr. Barry Tabor to the same question on the South Asian Coin Group (SACG).

Hello, Mr. Khan,

Your coin appears to be a paisa of Jankoji Rao struck at Lashkar, Gwalior 
(or Sindhia) state, catalogued by Krause as KM.145, and by Lingen and Wiggins as
Lashkar #11.  My hesitation is because your coin is in poor condition and 
certain parts of the design are unclear.  Also, you have not given the  weight
of your coin.  Closer examination with either of the catalogues I  mention in
your hand should make identification easier.  These are common  coins, and
unless there is something special about this particular example,  maybe you might
think of looking for a better specimen for your  collection.  I hope this
helps you.

All the best.

Barry Tabor  (U.K.)


Thanks a Lot
I will weight the coin and carefully look for any spcial symbol