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Foreign coin albums and 3D printers
« on: August 05, 2013, 09:24:11 AM »
Back in the days when you have Dansco, Whitman making neat albums for foreign coins, there's something that they gambled. That is world coins would be popular and that they would make a profit. This was back in the 1960 - 70s. Bad timing - world coins were not too popular until the late 80 - 90s. Of course with any business that you run, you always need to ensure that you have enough demand to run your business otherwise you'll go kaput. Fair enough, very understandable.

You see, I'm still awed over how impressive the old Dansco albums were made for foreign coins. I only have the Japan type set album and Fiji year set and these are very collectable even up to now. These albums I believe were made more than 40 years ago and they still look better than some of the modern albums out in the market.

I believe Dansco will need to produce at least 1000 albums before they may consider reprinting an album. At let's say 40-50 dollars each, it's a fair amount of money. Not feasible unless you have researched your market throughly.

What crossed my mind is when I read the article about printing 3D gun - appearently functional. Put the danger side away, why can't 3D printer be used to create customized coin albums?

Have a few random ideas like the digital album I have created:

Soviet type set

Early 5 kopek year set

South Korea type set

Manchukuo year set

And the list goes on. Beauty of this is that you can change the language to any foreign language other than English and annotate whatever you like.

Suppose the material used for printing is inert. Why not have an open source coin album design if this can be doable?

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Re: Foreign coin albums and 3D printers
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2013, 11:41:36 AM »
I have little doubt that it can be done, but it can probably be done far cheaper. Remember that 3D "printers" use plastic that will break when it's too thin. What you need is a technology to stick nice paper to a piece of carton, i.e. a glue that will hold with time and not discolour the paper. I would put the coins in transparent containers (expensive, but paper affects coins). Practice when (before or during assembly) and how (make the holes in the fronts somewhat smaller, so the paper folds into the hole) to make nice round holes in the carton and the front of the carton. You may want to try a Stanley knife and a steady hand or a drill bit with a fine circular saw sold in diy shops.

Once you know how to do it use thin but strong foil to cover one side of the carton and close he holes on one side. Print the front of the page with your texts on excellent or photo quality paper. Paste the three together and you have your album page.

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Re: Foreign coin albums and 3D printers
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2013, 11:51:43 AM »
One of my Dansco albums can be seen here on the New Guinea page.

No. 360 so they may have done a few types!
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Re: Foreign coin albums and 3D printers
« Reply #3 on: August 05, 2013, 11:58:25 AM »
3D printing is a relative new technology and is also used in quite a few industries ... normally for making a prototype to give the look and feel ... at certain times, they are also used to actual production runs on small quantities, for example some items required by high end car that are low production times / customization ...

For a 3 D printing to work there has to be an exclusively created 3D image ... so its not very cheap ... the additive [kind of plastic resin] will not give albums that can actually hold coins ... unless you suplement it with other material ...

I guess we will have to wait for some time to get custom coin holders ...
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