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20 For Amusement Only

Started by FosseWay, July 01, 2013, 09:03:06 PM

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Can anyone shed any light on where these are from? A bit of context: they came in a lot of Swedish and American tokens, but they're definitely not Swedish and I don't think they're American.

20 cents is a rather un-American denomination. The pieces look too old to be relevant to the UK or its £sd-using dominions (I'd date these to before the mid-60s from the style but am happy to be told otherwise!).

Apart from having a revised value stamped on it, the 25 piece is a distinct variant as it has 180-degree alignment where the unadulterated one has 0 degrees.

Brass, 24,2 mm, 5,57 g


There is nothing in the British catalogue with that reverse legend as far as I can see. I believe I have noticed it recently though ...somewhere.

The wreath on the reverse however is commonly seen on US tokens in a series of numbered tokens such as in the image below. These latter are commonly found in the Australian and African series too for use with slot machines in those countries [some do appear in the British cat.] however here your same logic applies re pre-decimal use.

One, albeit weak, suggestion - it could possibly refer to a prize of 20 cigarettes; others do refer to 1, 2 or 3 packs.
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