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Russian Banknotes: The Putin Days.

Started by muntenman, April 28, 2007, 11:27:47 PM

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Putin replaced Jeltsin and 1995 a new beginning means a definitive breaking with all past in Russia. So the people of Russia again received new banknotes which replaced all circulating paper money.

1000 roubles 1995 the Harbour of Wladiwostok and entrance to the bay before the navaltown.

5000 roubles 1995 depicts the Millennium Monument at Novgorod and the Saint Sophia Cathedral. An old citywall is at the reverse.

10000 roubles 1995 depicts a hydro-electric dam and at the reverse the Bridge near Krasnapolskabove the Yenisei-river.

50000 roubles 1995 depicts the virgin Newa, the statue near the pilar at the river Newa in front of the Peter and Paul fortress at Sint Petersburg. On the reverse of the banknote we see the Naval Academy.

100000 roubles 1995 depicts the statue of Apollo standing at his chariot near the Bolsho? theatre. Reverse depicts the theatre itself.

500000 roubles 1995 depicts the statue of Czar Peter the Great at Archangelsk. Reverse the monastery at Solovetsky-island.

Although the date is 1995 mentionned, due to inflation this banknote did not see circulation until the year of 1997.

At the end of 1997 all banknotes were renewed again, by mentionning that 1000 old roubles were worth 1 new rouble. All new bills were given the date 1997. but were put in circulation in the year 1998.

The 1000 roubles banknote Wladiwostok was not turned over into a new banknote of 1 rouble. The 5000 roubles became 5 roubles and the lowest value of the new range. The 10000 became 10 etc.

A new 100 roubles banknote was put into circulation which depicts St. Basil and at the reverse the St. Basil Cathedral at Red Square Moscow.

Until present day (2007) these notes are legal tender in Russia.

So ends this story about Russian money and why it is too me funny to collect. History writes itself looking at these banknotes. Eric.


Thanks, Eric. You have enriched the forum with the story.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.