Russian Banknotes 5: CCCP-USSR

Started by muntenman, April 28, 2007, 09:58:10 PM

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The first of januari 1923 Russia changes his name again: Union of Soviet-Socialistic Republics (USSR-CCCP). As a gift to all Russians new banknotes appear which will  make all existing Czaristic Roubles and Russian roubles no longer legal tender...again.

1 rouble 1923 was worth 100 rouble 1922 was worth 1 million Czar-roubles.

The idea works: all shares vanish from circulation because of the fact that shareholders are capitalistic criminals and so the people of Russia has to throw all shareholders where they belong: in jail (goelag).

There are 2 varieties circulating: first banknotes from 1 to 250 roubles with explanation to the people about the change of money

and second: banknotes from 1 to 5000 roubles mentionning 24 of october 1922 was the only valid date throughout the Sovietunion for legal tender. Also a 8-sided 50 kopeks banknote is put into circulation; it had the size of a postage  stamp.

All banknotes from 10.000, 15.000 and 25.000 were engraved with a cityview at Moscow and 2 symbolistic portraits and bearing the date of 1923 are put into circulation since 1 february 1924, also the date for the first goldroubles to see circulation.

This golden standard decided that 10 golden sovietroubles formed 1 chervonetz.
I will explain later.

Apart from that, new bills appear at postage stamps size from 1 kopek till 50 kopek, and on these bills you discover 6 languages.

The last change of 1924 happened at 10th of March, when the VSFNT said that paper money is equal to 24 k gold. 5000 paper roubles are worth 1 goldrouble.

Needless to say: the first of July 1924 VSFNT said paper money is not equal to gold.

A large shortage of kopeks and 3 and 5 roubles in circulation meant that in the year 1925 new banknotes were put into circulation.