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Yemen Mystery (or did I miss something??)

Started by Alan Glasser, May 13, 2013, 10:31:19 PM

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Alan Glasser

Well, as I continue to work my way through the 5th and LAST BOX of world coins I have had since I was a kid, I came across this piece from Yemen which I believe is  Y-11.1, 1/80 Riyal=1/2 Bugsha. The date I believe is 1375 (I have the wrong date on the holder) but I can find no valuations for that date. Am I missing something? U.S. 25 cent piece added for size comparison. As always, many thanks.   Alan

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Would be nice to see a scan of the side with the year!  ;)


I think the date is 1375 rather than 1370, but it's hard to tell as it's a little fuzzy.

(@Afrasi - I think Alan sorted the pictures)
always willing to trade modern UK coins for modern coins from elsewhere....


The date on the second side looks like 1275. The final digit is definitely a 5, not a zero (the Arabic zero is a dot/solid diamond).

KM11.1 gives an error date 1275 (intended 1375) which is reasonably common judging by the price, whereas the 1375 without the error has no price given. (Make of that what you will - sometimes it's just an oversight, other times it means that the coin is as rare as rocking-horse dung and no prices have come up in the market for Krause to base theirs on.)

Alan Glasser

Wow. You guys are fast. I corrected my post to 1375 from 1370 after I posted it...and the scans too...but the original one got noticed. Thanks for the info on 1275 error. I will investigate. This piece is from Littleton Coin Company (big company here in the states on world and low value U.S. coins on approval...I got a lot of stuff as a kid frpom them) and that's how I got the Yemen coin a zillion years ago. The envelope had it marked as Unc. and I am hoping, with the nice red color, it is true. Oh well...mystery solved thanks to you smart guys out there. Many thanks. Only 4 more countries to do in box #5 (tonight) and then I am done...and start trying to figure ot the 60 odd mystery coins.

Scarcer than rocking horse dung?  I'll have to remember that one! ;D

After dinner I will be looking for those little magical hidden dates in the stars on the Spanish coin. Microscope please...



Yes, 1275! I never saw a piece 1375. Probably the die error occured after only a few coins being made.