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Russian Banknotes 4 Soviet-bank 1919

Started by muntenman, April 28, 2007, 09:39:14 PM

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The first new banknotes were issued in 1919. In march the 1, 2 and 3 rouble bills are put into circulation, which look like non-perforated postage stamps. December 1919 bills of 15, 30 en 60 roubles are put into the market in uncut sheets (A8), so the citizen has to cut or torn the money needed out themselves. All these banknotes has a new image: At the scutcheon is mentionned PCOCP instead of PCCP.

In 1920 these bills were issued: 100,250, 500,5000 ad 10000 roubles with the hope and blessings for a world revolution: Proletarions of all nations Unite in English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Italian writing.

In 1921 there are new banknotes which are printed at 1 side only: 100, 250, 500 and 1000 roubles; existing 5000 and 10000 roubles are overprinted with the approach Proletarians Unite.

Inflation increases still and new bills appear in circulation 25000 and 100000 roubles.

October 1921 the state Bank is born (VSFNT) and at the 31 of december 1921 gives the present to the people that 10.000 roubles is worth one new soviet-rouble.

January 1922 all the citizens had to go to the VSFNT bank to change their money into new Soviet-roubles. All old bills became worthless after January 1922.

The new 1922 range of banknotes were the best of their days technically. denomination from 1 rouble to 10000 roubles were put into circulation and on the banknote itself was a whole printed story explaining that this 1 rouble bill was worth 10.000 old roubles. The bills from 1 until 50 roubles looked like a unperforated postage stamp again.

BUT in december 1922: all this new money is worthless again.