Russian Banknotes 3 PCCP 1918

Started by muntenman, April 28, 2007, 09:23:56 PM

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The Octoberrevolution of 1917  dismissed the Proviosional Government of Kerensky.

A council of farmers and labourers, the Peoples Council, became the new Government in charge of the entire Russian nation in person of Wladimir Illich Lenin. This chap declared all Kerensky-banknotes no longer legal tender, and so the presses are printing roubles from the early Czaristic period.

1 january 1918: the total amount of czarisstic roubles circulating among communist forces and society is now 27 1/2 billion banknotes. Records are lost. Russian refugees wandering Europe and USA are leaving 12 billion banknotes in change to Dutch guilders, Fench Francs, US-dollars, and so on. In russia the demand for banknotes was humongous; in urgent need of cash the printing facilities became insufficient.

All the gehuin Kerensky designs were not destroyed yet... the new Minister of Finance give order to print banknotes from 1 to 10.000 roubles; for the first time denominations above the thousand in Russia!

Due to inflation all banknotes of kopeks are withdrawn from circulation and the Kerensky-eagle is changed into the hammer and spade.

10th of july 1918 was the date that the PCCP government was installed and with x-mas that year the price-tags in the shops in Russia had more zeroos to write down then there was place for. With thousands of roubles weekly prices changed rapidly. Money as we know it is not valid after all, the monetary system collaps and citizen have to trade in the family jewels for bread and vodka.

The Northern part of Russia Perforated its banknotes with IbCO. English spies like Reilly orders English printing companies to copy Czaristic roubles in large quantities. Shares of Statetransport are also banknotes in Februari 1918, and coupons are used as coins.