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Sikh Empire paisa 9 + 10

Started by bart, October 05, 2008, 07:33:55 PM

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Here are the last 2 coins I'd like to have a better identification (if possible).
Sikh Empire paisa KM#7.1 to 12
Which ones could these be?



At least: nr. 10


Wow Bart!  You now have one heckuva (I've been listening to Sarah Palin too much, excuse me) collection of Sikh paisas. I love them!  ;D


Hi Richie,

Thank you for your comment and your evaluation of these coins. ;D
I also like these coins. The variations are great and interesting, but I am afraid I still have a lot to read about Indian coins before I can appreciate all of the symbols they show.



Again, have a look at the remarks with coin 1 & 2 .
On coin #9 the date is off the flan. Coin #10 is date VS 1917 (= AD 1860)