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Sikh Empire paisa 1 + 2

Started by bart, October 05, 2008, 07:22:51 PM

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I am asking for some help. I received ten coins which are described as: Sikh Empire paisa KM#7.1 to 12
I looked at them, I studied them, but I cannot give a more adequate description as being KM#7. Could someone help me to refine the attribution?
I am posting them 2 by 2.Here are the first 2.

Thanks for helping me out,



The second one:

diameter for all the coins is the same: about 20 mm.


Wonderful examples Bart!  But I see what you mean.  My catalog does not have enough of the Km 7 series (if I can call it that) in order to make a designation.  I did take the liberty (hope you don't mind) of rotating one of the sides of the first coin.  I am enjoying looking at these.


Dear Bart,
The coins you list are not of the Sikh Emp[ire, but of the Dogra Rajas of Jammu and Kashmir. In Kashmir they are lister under Kashmir. These coins bear on one side a peculiar form Nagari, which reads:

On the other side it shows a Persian legend:
(+VS date) With a leaf mark within the loop of the letter Nun of Jamun
On the first coin the date is of the flan. On the second coin the last digit ( a 7) of the date can be observed. Coins are known with dates from VS 1914 to 1922. Therefore the date on coin #2 is VS 1917 (=AD 1860).


Wonderful, Oesho!  ;D

Many, many thanks for sharing your tremendous knowledge about these coins. I appreciate it a lot! ;D
These coins attract me, but I am afraid I still have to read and learn much about them.

Again, thanks a lot,

Bart  :D ;)