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Finland: Linnanmäki amusement park tokens, Helsinki

Started by FosseWay, April 14, 2013, 05:03:19 PM

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Any ideas as to purpose, manufacturer, country of origin?

Because the 5 is bigger than the 10, I'm guessing they come from somewhere where the cut-off between bronze (or other base metal) coins and silver was traditionally between those two denominations, e.g. US/Canada, where the nickel is bigger than the dime, or Scandinavia, where the 5 öre was a stonking huge copper coin and the 10 öre a tiddly little silver one, and not from, say, the UK or Germany where the 5 and 10 denominations are part of the same series and are therefore sized proportionally.

10: Cu-Ni plated brass, 17.8 mm, 3.04 g
5: Cu-Ni plated brass, 24.2 mm, 6.02 g


The dime is close to the 10 size at 17.91 mm., but the nickel is smaller at 21.21 mm.

However one  suggestion, thought guess is the Owl slot machine = The Mills Owl, the first mechanical upright cabinet slot machine. Several versions were made and all were exported worldwide so could also be for one used in the Scandinavian countries.

Because of its immense success, Mills Novelty Co. later adopted the owl motif as its trademark. See 1949 advert.
Have a look at  my tokens and my banknotes.


Interesting.... thank you. Definitely a possibility!


I have now found the answer, at least with a very similar one, on a Russian site, Linnanmaki Children's park, in Helsinki Finland.

[Translated by Google translate]

Have a look at  my tokens and my banknotes.


Great research, Malcolm.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


Excellent! Thank you very much!