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Help! They say my coin is a fake.

Started by Figleaf, March 27, 2013, 11:33:45 AM

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Great post. I have a collection of over 120+ museum pieces from all era's. Most have the regular WRL stamps etc., but a lot don't. I have seen a number on certain auction sites which have had makers initials removed, or deliberately obscured and have gone for silly amounts of money. I have informed the auction site that theses people are selling fakes, but have been basically ignored. It is  massive problem. For this reason I just hoard them away everytime I come across them. For most of us having them and selling them on to each other as a copy is fine, but I would hate to think I sold one for it to be deliberately altered to decieve an unsuspecting collector.

I have a few people I know who have the attitude when I have spoken about this before, of "well its the buyers fault for not learning the hobby or doing the research". I think that is a kind of a stinking attitude. I know I say to anyone starting the hobby, Research, Research and Research Some More, but it is really sad that so many people are being conned on major auction sites this way.

I know there are now "shame sites" and posts on many of the forums warning people about certain sellers and also showing images of known forgeries. But for collectors who are not in the know or are not as computer savvy as others, that really doesn't help.

Prior to being online, I learnt by holding coins, examining them. Going to the local fairs and local coin shops, talking to others and looking at other friends collections. I have still been caught out, especially when I decided to collate a few ancients. Luckily never for a lot of cash but enough to feel the burn and ripped stomach.

These posts really do help spread the word, even if just to make a fellow collector who has been duped know they are not alone.