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1930 1/2 Gulden

Started by Samuel Tan, February 08, 2013, 09:51:34 PM

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Samuel Tan

In KM catalog The Netherlands 1/2 Gulden it have notes:
1929 Pearls contact the edge
1930 Pearl from the edge
I am not sure what it means, can somebody explain?
This is the closest I have (right picture), but 1930. (Reverse left)

Another question: If you notice the silver cladding in front of Wilhelmina's nose is peeling off.
Is this something I should keep, or not?


I know that there are two variants of the 1929 obverse. It surprises me that KM describes this as whether or not the pearl rim touches the edge. In the Dutch standard catalog the destinction is made on not the pearls in the edge rim, but on the pearls in the diadem. In the A type these are located beneath the GI letters of KONINGIN. In the B version the pearls are below the G in KONINGIN.
I will see if i can make a quick snapshot, the difference is quite subtle.


The two versions of the 1929 obverse side by side, the left is the normal type, the right the more expensive variant.


Once you know to look for it, there is a difference in the distance between the pearl border and the edge rim. But you'd be hard pressed to tell for sure which variant you had if you only had one of them from the edge information. The tiara positioning is much clearer, as you can clearly describe its position wrt other design features that the reader can easily follow (letters in the legend, in this case).


With your post in the other thread,20059.0.html
I ofcourse felt obliged in this case to show the difference side by side for clarity and reference.



There are other differences that show the die has been recut - look at the right-hand vertical in the N of WILHELMINA, for instance: in the left-hand coin it points at a pearl, in the right-hand one it points between pearls.  The left-hand vertical of that same N also has a huge horizontal serif at the top on the RH coin, which is not so evident on the LH one.


Did any of you count the number of pearls on the two types?


here is my documentation of the 1/2 gulden 1929


Quote from: Globetrotter on June 25, 2013, 12:11:19 AMDid any of you count the number of pearls on the two types?

Interesting, the number of beads on the obverse indeed differs. Type A has 104 beads, type B only 98 beads. The Type B does not appear to be a mule as I cannot find any issued coin on which the specific obverse die was used. Strange error.