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Serbian note from WW ll, just curious

Started by Alan Glasser, February 07, 2013, 05:46:23 PM

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Alan Glasser

color=blue]Hello everyone. My wife (library director) asked me to assemble a display of paper money with animals on the bills. I found a nice assortment from our world travels but also came upon the note in question. This is  Serbia P-32a. My question is about the stamp in the watermark. Does anyone have any information about this seal with the Nazi insignia, "SS" ? and Berlin. I really am way out of my field on this but was this an issue for SS usage? Is there anyplace I can learn about the stamps such as this and is this listed as a seperate issue somewhere because of the seal?  Any help would be very much appreciated and thanks.  Alan   Massachsuetts [/color][/size]

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Sorry, no idea. But apparently there are some of those "stamped" notes; here are two other examples that I found:

Yug./Mont. 100 dinara 1941, Italian stamp
Serbia 100 dinara 1941, German stamp

Cannot really read what the stamp says. "Führer und Volk" at the end?


Alan Glasser

Hi, Christian. Thanks for your contribution. I have a few stamped notes from different parts of Yugoslavia, but can find no reference explaining the purpose of the stamps, and especially the Nazi bill I posted. It is the only one I have with reference to the Nazi Germans. Here is a scan of another stamped bill I have. Just a guess that "Verificato" means it is real, and not counterfeit?   Alan   Massachusetts

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Could the German stamp read "Treue für Führer und Volk"? That was the slogan of the NSDAP. The style of the eagle matches, but the SS logo below looks completely out of place.

Here is the NSDAP eagle.


An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.

Ukrainii Pyat

The stamps were put on the notes long long after the war.  People are destroying old banknotes with these stamps to make them "collectable" to the unknowing.
Донецк Украина Donets'k Ukraine

Alan Glasser

Hello Ukrainii Pyat.

Thanks for the information. So now they have turned "collectible" notes into "tourist items"? I guess the plan didn't work too well as far as increasing collector "value" as they are available all over the internet for VERY little money.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge on the topic!!!