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A few designer initials

Started by <k>, February 02, 2013, 03:40:16 PM

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Canada, 1 dollar, 1973.  Centenary of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

This collector dollar was designed by Paul Cedarberg (PC), engraver Patrick Brindley (B).

Patrick Brindley was Chief Sculptor/Engraver at the Royal Canadian Mint, Ottawa (1970-1976).
Visit the website of The Royal Mint Museum.

See: The Royal Mint Museum.


These are the majority of the designers initials that can be found on coins that are minted at the Perth Mint

AH - Aleysha Howarth
DB - Darryl Bellotti
EM – Elise Martinson
IJ – Ing Ing Jong
JB - John Bergdahl
JB – James Brown
JG - Justin Graham
JM – Jeniffer McKenna
JM - John M. Mercanti
JR - Jovan Radanovich
LA - Leslie Adonis
LB - Lucas Bowers
LK - Louis Kwan
LP - Louise Pinder
MG - Mathew Gee
MG – Michael Guilfoyle (2014)
MM - Milena Milan
MT – Michael Tracy
NH - Neil Hollis
NM – Natasha Muhl
PT – Peter Trusler
RV - Ryan Vanderwiel
SA - Sarah Anderson
SB - Shevaun Buschenhofen
SD - Stuart Devlin
SL - Sara Langridge
TD - Tony Dean
TF - Travis Farley
TV - Tom Vaughan
WR - Wade Robinson


Cayman Islands $2 1977.jpg

Cayman Islands, $2, 1977.

This coin was a product of the Royal Canadian Mint. It was a collector coin only. I was curious about the marks at the bottom of the reverse design and wondered what they were. Eurocoin told me that the 'B' stood for Patrick Brindley, while the symbol similar to a letter 'O' (an 'O' overlaid with a 'W') was that of Walter Ott. Presumably one produced the design and the other modelled it.
Visit the website of The Royal Mint Museum.

See: The Royal Mint Museum.