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Parthian Empire: Vologases IV Tetradrachm from May 175 A.D

Started by THCoins, January 31, 2013, 09:01:57 PM

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There are not so many Parthian coins found on the forum. This seems a bit in dysbalance with their historic importance over several centuries and center position between the Roman empire and the Indian subcontinent.

The coin i picked out is a Tetradrachm of Vologases, IV 147-191 AD. Minted at Seleucia (which the Parthians took over from the Seleucids). AR 25 mm 14.4 gr. Mitch 691, Selwood 84.

The obverse shows the king with impressive beard facing left with a B behind.
The reverse shows Tyche handing a diadem to the seated king.

Between the heads of the king and Tyche are 3 letters. This is the year of minting in the Seleucid calendar.
The digits stand for Years, Decades and Centuries after the beginning of the Seleucid Era in 312 BC.
For this coin it reads Z π Y which stands for 487, or 175 AD.
On the bottom there are some letters which are part of the name of the Month. I believe they best fit to "ΔΑΙΣΙΟΥ",
Which is the month of May.

For more info on parthia and its calender, this site is highly recommended:


Quote from: THCoins on January 31, 2013, 09:01:57 PM
There are not so many Parthian coins found on the forum.

Thank you, TH. You are quite right and you reaction is exactly what it takes. Build a presence yourself. That's what people have done for (to name but a few) Austrian new year tokens, medieval coins from the Balkans, cute little coins from South India, high grade coins of British India, UK public transportation tokens... It's as easy as showing some pieces from your collection. I am hoping for more of your Parthians.

There is no policy to favour one collecting area over another. It's just a question of getting people interested and involved. I for one, am already sold on the Seleucid calendar with just one beautifully preserved coin. The owner of this site is our member inscriptor. Why not send him a PM to see if he can add the Seleucid calendar to his time machine?

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


I am in the process of checking, reframing and re-photographing parts of my collection. I will certainly upload some other examples during this period.

It could indeed be a good idea to add the Seleucid calendar to the time-machine site. I will enter this suggestion.

I limit further development of my own collection to the ancients now. But one reason i visit this forum is that it covers a whole range of subjects, in a very relaxed manner. And i thank you a lot for the given oportunity !