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Wilhelmina 1 Gulden 1944 P acorn privy (Netherlands)

Started by Samuel Tan, January 30, 2013, 08:28:31 PM

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Samuel Tan

For this kind of question, I have to ask you guys, the experts.
In Zonnenebloem catalog, 1944 P (Philadelphia)  Sch. 1055, acorn privy.
Als voorafgaande, maar de legende loopt onder de afsnede  van de hals door Sch. 1055a.What I ubderstand, a quantity as above, but with the legend runs beneath the intersection of the neck by Sch. 1055a.
Could somebody enlighten me, out of many coins I never seen any coins with that legend. Is it rare or very rare. 1945 (P I assumed) should have the same legend, but I never seen that either.
Or de legende loopt means something different?


"maar de legende loopt onder de afsnede  van de hals door" Your translation in English is almost correct. But probably becomes difficult to comprehend because the word "door" in this case does not mean "by". It is actually a part of the verb "loopt". Together "doorlopen" means to continue in this case.

The text on the obverse reads "wilhelmina koningin der nederlanden". It runs circular around the bust clockwise, starting left below the neck. On the normal (Pre-war) type the last two letters of the text "-en" continue below the lower part of the right (back) side of the neck. In the 1944P 1055 type the text is spaced narrower so it has completed before reaching the backside of the neck.  The 1055 type is the most common.  The 1944P/1945P 1055a/1056 types (with the pre-war text design) are rarer (esp 1945P) Although quite a lot were produced, not many came into circulation.

Samuel Tan

Thanks THCoins,
It looks like it was lost on translation.
That makes me look for others, rather than focus on "wider spaced" legend.

Samuel Tan

Is this what we are talking about?
1944 P Acorn Privy. What do you think it is worth?
I happen to see in lot for sale and snap it away.
In KM 2010 was $35.-, I bought with some other misc coins for $30.-.
In Zonnebloem 1981 catalog was Fl550 to Fl800, I don't know what is the current price in the newer catalog.
Reverse has few over sprayed yellow stuff or glue, that could be remove later.


This is the common 1944P type. The text has ended at the back of the neck.
Current Dutch catalog value in VF is 65 Euro's, but you can get them in nice quality for around 40 euro's.

The rarer 1944P version now is 400/600 euro's in VF/XF.