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Israel: 5 agora 1962-5721, km25, flat date and normal date?

Started by Globetrotter, January 28, 2013, 12:21:47 PM

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since I'm putting quite a few doubles from Israel aside, I check the coins in my collection with the same denomination and year at the time. I ought to have had a 5 agora with a flat and a normal date, but when I put the two coins next to each other, the dates look extremely similar AND the date on the double is the same.

On the attached image, the left coin is with a "flat", the middle with a "normal" and the right is the double, but as I said, they might all 3 have a "flat" or a "normal" date. Flat is a subjective description, and doesn't help you to know what you have in front of you!

Can anybody show the difference between "flat" and "normal" for this coin?



I have these 2 in my collection .... they look different  :D

I agree "flat" isn't very accurate ...



Thanks for sharing your images of the two coins, I would say mine are NOT "flat" ;D