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Israel 1 agora 1962, km#24.1, large and small date

Started by Globetrotter, January 27, 2013, 02:30:23 PM

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this coin is supposed to have two different sub-types, one with a large date (the normal) and one with a small date (the scarce), but as usual large and small are NOT defined!

The coin on the left I acquired as "small" date, but comparing with a couple of other 1962 (5722) coins doesn't really tell me much, since to me all 3 have the same size date...

Does any of you have images of the 2 types?

Thanks in advance


this site has lots of the varieties pictured;
includes a number not in Krause....
always willing to trade modern UK coins for modern coins from elsewhere....


There is a specialised book on the coins of Israel - likely that is the source of any info not in SCWC.

Here is my pair of MS5722 1 Agora. See large/small in the file name. It seems fairly obvious which is which - I did not follow a book for that information.

Thanks Mr Paul Baker


Hi Paul,

thanks a lot for the informative images. Now I know the difference.

Best regards