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Re: Stapling Coin Holder - Best way
« Reply #15 on: November 11, 2012, 09:53:31 AM »
Regardless of some plastics being described as "inert" there is very little guarantee that anything is really known about long term storage in such proucts. Museum quality acid (and other contaminate) free paper is really the only way to store and with an inert moisture absorant although in almost all climates the correct paper envelope will do the job by itself. Handling with cotton gloves is an important addition to viewing these coins.

Most coins are rarely viewed and when they are correct use of museum quality storage envelopes ensure the best results for storage because viewing takes up only a small fraction of the time a coin spends in an individual collection.

Your choice of course BUT

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Re: Stapling Coin Holder - Best way
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A side note about the staplers-- always use "Flat Clinch Staplers". The following taken from a website selling these-->

"One big category of coin damage we see is from staple scratches. Much of this damage comes from staples that are not completely clinched. Normal staplers leave a curl of the staple rising above the surface. This piece of staple can easily scratch adjacent coins as the coin shifts in a box or is removed or inserted from the box. Flat clinch staplers fully compress the staple into the surface of the holder leaving nothing behind to damage other coins."

That said I guess you can staple it any way on four sides as long as you use these staplers you should be fine and does not make much difference.

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Re: Stapling Coin Holder - Best way
« Reply #17 on: January 18, 2013, 03:48:46 PM »
Hello everyone. I stumbled on this topic this morning and thought I would add my 2 cents. Hope I am not repeating something someone already said.

Having scratched a few coins with staples in my youth, (yes...we had staplers back in the dark ages) I tried the adheasive - self seal 2x2 holders with some success but found that the adheasive eventually failed. There were several brands back then...perhaps the best were made by Whitman (of the "blue board" coin book  so popular in the past). They were thick, solid and well made but alas...I couldn't find them anymore. Other brands just didn't work out well...too flimsy for the 1/2 and dollar sizes and the "glue" just didn't hold up.

So, it was back to staples. I finally figured out to have a simple pair of plyers in my coin collecting area and after placing 1 staple on each side of the coin in the 2x2, I would squeeze the staple flat with the plyers. This would make the holder a bit thinner for storage, and there was essentially no risk of one holder scratching the "window" of the next holder when stacked or in those coin storage boxes. Worked very well, though opening the 2x2 was a bit more work. Removing the coin had to be done carefully as always so as not to scratch it with the opened staples. One other problem was the staples rusting...but they still held...they just didn't look as nice.

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