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Crowned FB but what anymore?

Started by Michiel, January 09, 2013, 03:31:46 PM

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I see an FB with an crown above.

The coinplate was shifted a little bit while minting. thats clear.

size: 19-20 mm (not completly round)
weight: 1.11 gram


I can't see a second letter after the F at all, but could it be R rather than B? F(redericus) or F(ranciscus) R(ex) then become possibilities. I appreciate that doesn't narrow it down a right lot -- could be a German/Austrian state, French state, something Danish (though not probably a central regal issue if the latter).

(A possibly sad commentary on our times, but the first thing that sprang to mind when I saw the initials FB was 'Facebook'  ;D)


I'm very sure about the FB. I've looked with good light on different angles on it. The belly of the B is visual.
But maybe there is an I under the crown. So it can be FIB.
But I think its only FB


Now I'm beginning to doubt. It also can be RB.
Sometimes I hate it to found coins that are so worn. But i can't stop finding out what it is.


I've found it after 10 hours searching. ;D

Its an Liard from luik (liege) 1641-1643


Three hours apart, but I came to a similar conclusion.

Liège/Luik, half oord/liard, no date, in the name of Ferdinand of Bavaria (1612-1650) Vanhoudt G 1284.

obv: quartered arms (1 and 4 Bavaria, 2 and 3 Luik, heart shield Bouillon) on crosier (spiritual power), and sword (temporal power) covered by a bishop's cap. FERDinandvs.Dei.Gratia.EPiscopus.LEOdivm - Ferdinand by the grace of god bishop of Luik/Liège

rev: Perron (independence monument) of Liège between F and B (Ferdinand of Bavaria) covered by a bishop's cap. DUX.BVllionis.MARchionis.FRANChimontensis.COmes.LOssensis - duke of Bouillon, margrave of Franchimont, count of Loon.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


I get narrowed it down to 1641-1643.
Funny to found it also today.

It was an hard find


What's your source for the date range?

Pls note that at 20 mm it is a half oord/liard.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


that is an good one.
I forgot the half liard. If it was an liard it could only be km37 because of the LEO on the obv and the CO.LO on the rev.

so its the km25, nd 1612-1650.

thanks, that was an good call!!


One of the best internet sites for coins like this (in Dutch) :

On this page under Gigot (1/2 Liard), de Chestret 621.


That was also the site were i first finded the drawing of the FB. A really great site for all the duiten, oorden (liards) etc.

For the not dutch speaking members,

Put this link in your bookmarks.

Than you go direct to the catalog with all the north and south netherlands.