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Interesting design on modern Turkish coin

Started by Alan Glasser, December 03, 2012, 12:46:17 AM

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Alan Glasser

Took a break this evening and was looking for Music coins from Turkey. I have the 100,000 lira pieces (3 I believe) with composers/opera on them...but I stumbled on this non-music coin. I did get a bit of a chuckle at the design. Am I seeing the whole design? Is it just a poor photo or is this essentially a blank center? Please tell me I'm missing something.  Issued in 2006, KM-1197 30 New Lira. I would love to see a better photo if anyone has one.
Alan   Massachusetts

Uploaded with



Commemorative issue

Total solar eclipse


Map of Turkey with three lines across indicating path of eclipse. Fifteen dots across map and thirteen names fanning out from below map. Value below. Gold coating on outer circle.



Central circle enamelled in black to signify total solar eclipse. Eclipse date below. Gold coating on outer circle.

Lettering: 29 MART 2006
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