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Rolling $87 + - of U.S coins from my piggy bank

Started by Alan Glasser, November 19, 2012, 02:52:51 AM

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Alan Glasser

Today was the completion of "clean out the piggy bank day". I have been searching for some coins for a few collector friends here on the board and decided to roll the rest of the coins and bring them to the bank (tomorrow). Anyway, there were a few "interesting" discoveries in the mass of coins...but no great treasures. I have enclosed scans of my findings. Oh, I found about 27 different state quarters, but not one single "keel boat" reverse 5 cent coin. The new cents with Lincoln scenes are in VERY short supply but the new shield reverse is abundant. So what does that tell me...nothing of much interest except that people are hoarding the new nickel designs and the Lincoln "scenes"cent designs. Ho hum...time for a big yawn...  Oh...any ideas what happened to the reverse of the 25 cent piece? Wheatback cent dates are 1954D, 1940, 1948.    Alan   Massachusetts

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your quarter looks like someone hit it with something....
Maybe they were not a music lover?
always willing to trade modern UK coins for modern coins from elsewhere....

Alan Glasser

Hello, Andyg. Yes...a hit with some sort of punch I imagine. If that is the was obviously done by a non-Jazz/Blues lover!  :o   Alan in MA