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Liège: liard of Ernest of Bavaria (1581-1612)

Started by FosseWay, October 04, 2012, 08:46:18 PM

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It says DVX BAVARIE, which is a bit of a giveaway. The identity of the duke may be ALBERTVS but it's not easily legible. I can't make anything out of the legend on the other side. Can anyone get any further with attribution? I've been through the 17th century Bavaria section in KM and it's not there AFAICS, so it's either an omission or it's 16th century.

Approximately 26 mm; 4.54 g; alignment approximately 0º; apparently copper.

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It seems a give away, but i suspect it leads you to the wrong country. The dukes of Bavaria also used to rule (and mint in) parts of the southern Netherlands.
May i advice you to shift your search to the liards of Luik (Liege) ?


Bingo! Good call.

I think I've found it, at any rate: Liège KM13, liard of Ernest of Bavaria, not dated but produced 1581-1612, mm acorn.

KM13 isn't illustrated in my KM, but the description fits. There is also a blob above the crown on the obverse that could be an acorn.



Here is a more extensive classification, with line graph picture.
search on the page for: de Chestret 571 - Dengis 994
Date is not on the coin, but is known to be 1607. The crown reflects his position as prince-bishop of luik.

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Excellent, that fits precisely. Nice to have a precise date, too!  ;D