Spanish Netherlands, liard 1692 Bruges/Brugge

Started by bagerap, September 26, 2012, 12:38:26 PM

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Here I thought I'd a chance to be useful. There's an embarrassment of riches in my Liard box, must be one to match this.

Whoops! This has been in an acid free paper 2 x 2 envelope for, let's just say a few years without disturbance. Now I'm going to have to disturb about 300 envelopes to see if there's any further damage.
And the worst thing is I hadn't even attributed it. Just Charles II, Spain. Possibly Liege.
But I used to think that of all Liards with the cruciform reverse.


Vanhoudt I 503, VG-H 356, copper oord/liard 1692, struck in Antwerp, Brussels and Bruges/Brugge in the name of Charles II (1665-1700).

obv: fire iron (Burgundy) surrounded in cruciform by a crown and the arms of Burgundy (right), Flanders (below) and Austria (left). Legend: heraldic lily (mintmark of Brugge/Bruges) CAROLus.II.Dei.Gratia.HISPaniarum.ET.INDIARvm.REX - Charles II by the grace of god king of Spain and India (Spanish America)

rev: crowned Spanish Habsburg arms, crown splitting date. Legend: ARCHIDvx.AVSTriae.DVX.BVRGvndiae.Comitvs.Flandriae.Z - archduke of Austria duke of Flanders count of Holland etc.

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