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A Counterstamped Rupee

Started by BillSnyder, September 18, 2012, 08:59:26 PM

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     Might this counterstamped 1918 Rupee be related to the Independence Movement?

     The 2 outer stamps seem to be the Sarnath (3 Lions) symbol. The center stamp (a spear in King George's head?) might be symbolic.

     I have asked this question on another forum several years ago. Perhaps there is new information?

My very best,
Bill Snyder


Not seen another like it but Interesting indeed, I'll watch this thread to see what evolves 8)


I think it may have been counterstsmped after 1947 and probably until the couple years it circulated along with the new republic Indian coins in the early 1950s
The ashoka lion never featured anywhere in the independence movement symbolism. It was deliberated and discussed in nehru's goby.
Furthermore, the ashoka lion looks alot similar to the lion that the Bombay mint uses. Which only started in the 80's .. I think it's been counterstamped relatively later