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East India Company, 1 Rupee, 1840 (Continuous legend)

Started by Overlord, June 29, 2008, 11:34:00 AM

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This was much harder to find than the divided legend type, even in this condition.

Her face looks very different in this one!


More insipid, I would say. (I'm looking over my shoulder for Martin as I say this!)


First my government and now you!  I'm getting completely paranoid.  :-[
So, please let mel retract my "insipid" remark.  What I meant is that, subtle as it is, in this coin the image of the Queen is a bit less the symbol of feminine pulchritude than in the previously posted coin.


Gentlemen, please! The Queen wasn't bland, She was trying not to see the lowly Mr. Wyon while he made her portrait. I am reminded of the famous remark She made explaining why She would not return to Brighton and its horrendous pavilion: "They are all the wrong people and they are looking at me". Not looking at anything in particular must have been a royal art.

So there ... :)

And as for your government, you are quite right. Have you counted how often you have mentioned the word Mohammed lately? How long ago since you've eaten porc? Your behaviour does raise suspicion, Mr Richie. We have even found pictures of you in furrin clothes on this site. What are you? Huh? Some kind of pulchrid previously posted pervert?

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.

BC Numismatics

Overlord,all of the 'Continuous Inscription' types from the 2 Annas upwards are far harder to find than the 'Divided Inscription' types,not just the 1 Rupee coin though.



Ah so, Peter, you found me out!  Yes, it was ME in foreign clothes, trying desperately to protect my rear while flashing my gear.  I guess you could call me a divided inscription type; much easier to find in a crowd than those other blokes with hidden tails and heads. 
Thanks Aidan.  Now I know what continuous and divided inscriptions mean, to a coin collector at any rate.