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Started by bart, June 20, 2008, 12:09:47 AM

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Fresh from the mailbox: a trambiyo Y#5, with date 1865.
reverse: 2 characters right of trident.


And a dokdo Y#10.2 with date 1873 (VS1930)


Wonderful! I specially like the look of the Y10.2.


Dear Richie as you appreciate the appearance of the dokdo Y10.2, I provide you herewith with the inscription on it:
Obv. Starting at top reading anti-clockwise: Malikah Mu'azzam Queen Victoria. In centre circle: Sanah 1873, with kartar below.
Rev. Starting at top reading clockwise: Maharao Shri Pragmal ji. In centre circle date 1930 with trident above.


Thank you for breaking that down for me.  Definitely, knowledge improves my appreciation for the coin.  Until you pointed the Katar out to me, I had difficulty reading what I thought was a floral symbol under the date!  Often the Katar doesn't look "knife" like to me. In the Bundi coins, they look like small buildings rather than suggesting menacing lethality.  On its side, lacking structural precision in the rendering, I really did not know what it was.

So, for those of us who have this kind of difficulty, take a look at the following Katars (without the humorous addition of the map of "Qatar".)



Thanks Oesho and Richie,
my knowledge grows with the second!