Order or decoration id needed

Started by Prosit, June 18, 2008, 10:37:26 PM

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This image was sent to me by email to identify and as usual I am lost.  What I can say about it is that it shows a monkey sitting on a book with a goblet in front of him.  The artist signature is K Perl (Karl Perl was an Austrian artist most active prior to WWII.  He was born in 1876 but not sure when he died.

So it may be an Austrian decoration, I would guess it a non-military issue but I know nothing about military decorations or private decorations either.  Any speculations welcome



Guess it was a somewhat humorous "decoration". There are carnival clubs in Rhineland for example that award a "monkey order" to honor members. Sometimes, in other contexts, such a monkey award is given to a group member who did something stupid.

Cannot see/read many details here though. Oh, and Karl Perl died in 1965 ...



I think I forgot to mention that the only writting on it says:
Bronnen AM Schoenen