Rex machines. Denmark

Started by malj1, July 31, 2012, 07:56:49 AM

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A search for Rex machines brought the most perfect result that could be asked for.

Rex machines

Brass 23mm.
Quote. Via Google Translate.
The company was started by Jens Hassager Pederse (cattle exporter and merchant) and Erik Rasmussen (actor Paul Glargårds father) in Mejlgade 71
in Aarhus. Quite when the company was started is not known, but Claus Bendixsen worked there in 1965. The imported part used Jennings
machines which were converted into Danish coins and then either sold or identified in the restaurants, (the company drives down business throughout
Denmark and a time in Norway)

In 1965, the importer of Aristocat Slot Machines for Denmark for several years. Therefore, there are also a small sticker
In many of Aristocrat "REX" machines.
With Bally QuickDraw's entry into Denmark declined interressen for Aristocrat and began to parallel import Bally machines such.
Mazooma bell, Winsor Castle, QuickDraw, and other brands such as Gunsmoke and Mountinclimber.

Hassager Jens Pedersen died of disease, believed to be approximately 1968. Then the company moved to Høeg Guldbergsgade 73 in Aarhus. Here began
Mon to import used Bally machines from England and Belgium, you converted it to Hold and Draw (Quick Draw), Wild Horse (Mustang)
Tower Bell (upright model of Winsor Castle) and several others, it was during this period Compu Game came into the picture.
In 1971 Erik Rasmussen died during surgery and his wife Ellen Rasmussen drives the company forward until it was sold to Poul Andersen in 1972.
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