Chauhans of Delhi: Chadeva (c. 1172-1191), Bull-and-horseman-type Jital

Started by Overlord, May 24, 2008, 05:55:53 PM

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Combining my knowledge of English and Hindi, I read the inscription as 'Sa'-'Ma'-k2.
Ah, Samaketu. Sounds like an authentic Sanskrit name, doesn't it  ;D


A Jital of the Rathors or Chauhans of Dehli. Chadeva c.1172-1191. Ref.: Tey#51; Deyell#222.
The legend above the bull is: Samanta (Deva).


I love looking at these. The abstractions remind me of the work of 20th century masters like this one of Picasso. 
Thanks Oesho, for identifying this one. 


From Oesho:
Some of the coins of the Shahis of Ohind looks indeed like modern art.
Imagine these coins being made more than a millennium back. Below such an
example of Shahis of Ohind, with the title Samanta Deva (c.850-1000AD).
Ref.: Tye#14.1


What a beautiful example!
I believe that I've asked this before, but what is the significance of the design on the rear or rump of the bull?


And here is a bull by Picasso.


I think I can just make out the trefoil tassel at the bull's throat. Could this be Deyell#220?


This is my Chahadadeva. 😣

In the bull side/reverse bull partially gone but guess legends are full.
Obverse also legends partially seen..


Dear RG, this is about as good as these get. As the die is bigger than the coin flan one needs several to get a complete picture.
The bull's side legend on yours is not complete. In front of the bull there is "Arsavari Sri " also, see below. What this exactly means is not really clear.