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paisa of Muhammad Shah, Elichpur mint

Started by shariqkhan, May 11, 2008, 04:05:31 PM

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Dear Friends, I've one coin on which legend is not complete(off the flan). I tried to read it as "Sher Shah". Can anyone provide more information on it


Not a coin of the Suri dynasty, but a paisa of Muhammad Shah, Elichpur mint.


Can you tell me about the inscription on it


The description on these coins is only partially visible. The obverse reads (as far can be observed) Sikkah Mubarak / Bad Shah Ghazi /Muhammad Shah.
The reverse: Zarb  Falus Elichpur.
See for a better struck specimen KM#430.1 (South Asian catalogue) or A430.1 (18th cent., 4th ed.)


Thank You Very Much for this good information. I will go through the catalogue.