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Alderney: New 5 oz "Duke of Cambridge" coin (2012)

Started by chrisild, June 21, 2012, 02:53:11 PM

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The future monarch of the United Kingdom has just been honored on an Alderney 50 oz silver proof piece. No, not Charles but the king after him. :) Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, has his 30th birthday today.

This is the proposed design. The piece will be big (diameter 65 mm) and heavy (5 oz, more than 150 g). Denomination is £10 but it costs quite a bit more - £450. What I find interesting is that there is hardly any "direct" reference to William - no portrait, not his name either. Just the years 1982 and 2012 (in Roman numerals, repeatedly). The "W" at the bottom may be a hint though ...



The Roman numerals look interesting but point to the conservatism of the institution, as does the old French motto. Yes, we Brits are a mongrel mixture. Just look at the metric diameter alongside the Imperial weight!  ::)
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A right old mish mash.  Anything on the third side?
As for the belt buckle, I haven't noticed that before??

I wish they'd have stuck a dragon on it! ;D
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Want more "sides"? No problem. Here comes William on £5 pieces from Guernsey and Jersey. Portraits this time. (And do not say they're bad; first, these are images of the designs, not of actual coins. Also, if you complain about the look, I will post these, "from" the British Virgin Islands: So think twice about saying that the Guernsey and Jersey designs are not good. ;D



I meant the edge!  ;D
Please don't post the BVI pieces, my stomach couldn't take it!! >:D
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Have not found any information about the edge of that Alderney piece. Probably milled (that applies to most £5 coins too) but I don't know. With a diameter of 56 mm, there would be lots of space available for text on the edge. ;)



Ya can't have a dragon, because he's not prince of Wales. Those are the arms of the house of Windsor and since they awarded the order the garter to themselves, they can put it on their arms.

Now why no one thought of using the arms of the duke of Cambridge is beyond me. Heraldically, it would have obviated the silly W below the shield. The first three Williams brought war and rebellion, but number four was a regular dullster nobody needs to be ashamed of.

I suggest as appropriate edge inscription: your tax money bought this. better enjoy it.

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