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Madurai Kasu ? Km 2?

Started by Rangnath, May 01, 2008, 05:41:23 PM

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I have several of these. One is 4.3 grams, another is 3.3.  The sizes though are fairly uniform: about 14 mm across.
My attempts at indentifying them were a bit frustrating.  I haven't the library and South Indian coins, specially copper, seem a difficult group on line.

The Standard Catalog, 1601 to 1700,  offers this discription of a Madurai Kasu, Km 2:
Two lines on both sides. 
Obv: Tiru Vengala
Rev: Mudu Krishnappa
The coin is minted in the name of Muttu Krishnappa between 1601 and 1609.

We looked at a coin I thought was from Madurai before.  In this case, once again, I am not only uncertain of this coin's origin, but I am also uncertain of which way is up!



Yes, this is a coin of Muthu Krishnappa Nayak (1601-1609). It's Ganesh#5.12. The mass and size variations recorded for these are: 1.9 g, 14 mm; 2.2 g, 14 mm; 2.6 g, 14 mm; 3.0 g, 15 mm; 4.1 g, 15 mm; 4.6 g, 16 mm; and 4.9 g, 16 mm.

Obverse: Telugu legend Ti ru ve/m ga la
Reverse: Telugu legend Mu du/Kri shna

Sadly, I can't find Mr. Pringle on this one.