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Bibliography (other)
« on: April 30, 2008, 07:03:14 PM »
This is a clickable register of books mentioned on this board. There wil be some overlap with the other bibliographies on this board. If your favorite numismatic book is not in the list, simply open a thread on it and I'll add it. The ISBN are to facilitate searching on the net. If table lines flow over, enlarge your window.

Numismatics, coin collecting, coin production, money
978-0900652387Arabic textsRichard J. PlantArabic coins and how to read them
978-0974237121ForgeriesLarson, C. M.Numismatic Forgery
B0016U94M8Latin textsWenzel, A.Auflösungen lateinischer Legenden auf Münzen und Medaillen
978-0852636393MintingCooper, DenisCoins and Minting
978-1449064488MoneyAshmole, AlanSand, Oil & Dollars
978-0708317174MoneyDavies, GlynA History of Money
B0026HEHY0MoneyHirst, FrancisMoney: Gold, Silver, & Paper
978-8186050811TerminologyFrey, A. R.A Dictionary of Numismatic Names

Global, multi-country
B000866Q90Brit. Com.Chalmers, RobertA History of Currency in the British Colonies
978-0900696152Brit. Com.Pridmore, FredCoins of the Br. Commonwealth of Nations: Eur. Terr.
978-0900696619Brit. Com.Pridmore, FredCoins of the Br. Commonwealth of Nations: India vol. 1
978-0900696879Brit. Com.Pridmore, FredCoins of the Br. Commonwealth of Nations: India vol. 2
978-0950759401Brit. Com.Sweeny, JamesThe Birmingham Mint
0873496663GlobalKrause and MishlerStandard Catalog of World Coins, 17th century
978-0896895614GlobalKrause and MishlerStandard Catalog of World Coins, 18th century
978-0896893733GlobalKrause and MishlerStandard Catalog of World Coins, 19th century
978-0896895003GlobalKrause and MishlerStandard Catalog of World Coins, 20th century
978-0896895010GlobalKrause and MishlerStandard Catalog of World Coins, 21st century
978-0896893597GlobalMichael and CuhajCollecting World Coins
978-3870451813GlobalSchön, GünterWeltmünzkatalog 19. Jahrhundert
978-0214654022GlobalSchön, GünterWeltmünzkatalog 20. Jahrhundert
978-0900696039IslamicValentine, W. H.Modern Copper Coins of the Muhammadan States
978-0873497930Pseudo issuesBruce, ColinUnusual World Coins
0873410696So. AsiaBruce, Colin +3South Asian coins and paper money

not availableCelticGouet, Samuel +3Celtic I, II, III
2903629293CelticGouet, Samuel +2La Tour II
978-0956688927Celtic - CorieltaviRich, MatthewBoar Horse
not availableCentral AsiaTanabe, Katsumi Silk road coins
978-0897223348KushanJongeward +1Kushan, Kushano-Sasanian, and Kidarite Coins
978-1902040455RomeSear, David Roman Coins and Their Values, Vol II, 96-235
978-1879080058Rom. AlexandriaEmmett, Keith Alexandrian coins
978-3866460270Rom. AlexandriaKampmann, Ursula +1Die Münzen der römischen Münzstätte Alexandria
978-0900696367Rom. AlexandriaMilne, Joseph Catalogue of Alexandrian Coins
978-8827103289Rom. GreeceDattari, Giovanni Monete Imperiali Greche
978-2953839302Rom. MarseilleD'Hermy, HenriMassalia, Les oboles des pér. Class. & Hellénistique
978-9649922874SassanidesAmini, AminNumismatics of Late Sasanian Kings
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An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.

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Re: Bibliography
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2008, 07:35:12 PM »
not availableArabiaHuzayyin, S.A.Arabia and the Far East
978-0962750304EthiopiaGill, DennisThe Coinage of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Italian Somalia
not availableZaireMorin, FransKatalogus der Congolese munten van 1887 tot heden

0907605575BahrainDarley-Doran +1History of Currency in the State of Bahrain
978-9090289403BhutanCruyce, K. v. d.The coinage of Bhutan up to the mid-20th century
978-0912706016ChinaBraddan CooleCoins in China's history
not availableIkhshidid (Egypt)Jere BacharachIslamic History through Coins
not availableIndiaAman ur RahmanZahir-uddin Muhammad Babur, a Numismatic Study
978-8185026251IndiaCarter, M. L.A Treasury Of Indian Coins, A
B001OK77JCIndiaChoudhury, R. D.A Source Book of the Numis. Studies in N. E. India
978-1463656157IndiaFishman, A. M.Silver Coinage of the Western Satraps in India
978-8121510103IndiaS. Goron +1The coins of the Indian Sultanates
not availableIndiaV.K. Gupta, +2Coins of India 1835-2012
978-8173049941IndiaLiddle, ACoins of Jahangir
B0000CPD9SIndiaMurthy, NCoins and currency system in Karnataka
not availableIndiaPanchal, S +2(...) Chhota Udepur, Deogarh Baria, Lunavada and Sunth
978-8123718873IndiaParmeshwari L. G.Coins
978-09837652IndiaPieper W.Ancient Indian Coins Revisited
not availableIndiaRathod, SIndian Coins (with rarity)
978-9350500798IndiaReddy, D. R.Kotalingala coins
978-0906919255IndiaStevens, P.Coinage Hon. East India Company – Part 1
B00B5JYMYKIndiaStevens, P.+1Uniform coinage of India 1835-1947
978-8120823716IndiaUpadhyay, V.Pracheen Bharatiya Mudrayen
978-8175362819IndiaValentine, W. H.Copper coins of India, part I and II
B002YQ2HV8IndiaWebbThe currencies of the Hindu states of Rájputána
9781780760797IranMatthee, Rudi +2The monetary history of Iran
not availableIranRabino, H.L.Coins, Medals and Seals of the Shahs of Iran
not availableIranShariat-zadehCoins of Iran
9070067161Neth. E. Ind.Lansen, A.J.+1Plantation, Merchant, Mining Money of the Neth. E. Ind.
not availableKashmirAhmad, IqbalAncient coins of Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh
not availableKashmirAhmad, IqbalCoins Sultans of Kashmir
B0000D5NH2KutchBright, RichardThe Coinage of Kutch
B0006EOX9ETibetCresswell, Oliver D.Tibetan coins

B0016W245UAustriaMiller z.A.+1Österreichische Münzprägungen 1519 - 1938
978-9081486927BelgiumEeckhout, JoselitoNumismatica Belgica
not availableBelgiumMorin, FransKatalogus der Belgische munten van 1832 tot heden
2951035527FranceDuplessy, JeanLes Monnaies Françaises Royales
2951035551FranceDuplessy, JeanLes Monnaies Françaises Féodales
978-3941357013HannoverSmith, RichardCoinage of the Anglo-Hanoverian Personal Union
978-0901897466JerseyCorbel, D. +2Coinage in Jersey
978-9986420286LithuaniaIvanauskas, E.Coins of Lithuania 1386-2009
B0007JE5T6MaltaCalleja SchembroCoins and Medals of the Knights of Malta
9729780412PortugalGomes, AlbertoMoedas Portuguesas
B0000BRUJYRussiaKaim, ReinholdRuss. Münzstätten Münzzeichen Münzmeisterzeichen
849209804XSpainCayón, A+2Las Monedas Españolas
not availableSwitzerlandMartin, Jean L.Les médailles de tir Suisse 1612-1939
978-3924861957SwitzerlandRichter, JürgDie Schützentaler und Schützenmedaillen der Schweiz
978-6056054310TurkeyTeoman, G.+2Seljuq of Rum Figural Dirhams
B0007J2PH0UK, EnglandJosset, J.R.Money in Britain
978-1902040820UK, EnglandLobel, RichardEnglish and UK Coins, 1066 to Date
978-0952622888UK, EnglandSpinkCoins of England and the United Kingdom
978-0915262281UK tokensDavis, J.W.Nineteenth Century Token Coinage
978-0900696718UK tokensKelly, E.M.Spanish Dollars and Silver Tokens
978-0900652110UK tokensSeaby, Peter + 1British Tokens and Their Values
not availableUK tokensWithers, PaulThe Token Book
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An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.

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Re: Bibliography
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2009, 05:28:47 PM »
978-0982081808Spanish colonial Sedwick, Daniel +1The Practical Book of COBS
B000RQKASYtrade dollarJohn M.WillemThe US Trade Dollar

978-30002582372 euro coins Richter, Sebastian +12 Euro Münzenkatalog
978-3866465145EuroFischer + 2Die €uro-Münzen
978-3866460294EuroSchön, GerhardEuro Münzkatalog

Tokens used for payments
not availableCo-opRain, D. R.Catalogue of co-operative checks and tokens
0901603023Co-opWaddell, P. D. S.Co-operative checks
978-3934777170German languageMenzel P.Deutschsprachige Notmünzen ... 1840-2002
B007FDL5YKMaritimeSmith, K.E. +1Cat. of world ferry, ship, and canal transp. tokens and passes
978-0957737754MilitaryYarwood, J.Military Tokens Of The British Commonwealth
978-9198359800SwedenThelin, B.+1Skånepolletter
978-0902605022TavernRice, G.Irish tavern tokens
978-1515190899TelecomKhodzhayev V.Telephone and telegraph tokens of France and (...) colonies
978-0752447643Tram/BusBreingan, R.Scottish Transport Tokens
not availableTram/Bus Schibbye, E. +1Norges Transportpoletter
978-8785121172Tram/BusSømod, J.Busmaerker & Sporvognspoletter, Danmark
978-1874422846Tram/BusVoice, DTram and bus tokens of the British Isles
eBookTransportFritz, GFahrmarken Katalog 2017
978-0715353486UKWhiting, J.Trade Tokens, a social and economic history

Counters, game and play money
not availableGuinea imitationsW. Bryce NeilsonA Checklist of Imitation Guineas and their Fractions

Not used for payments
not availableadvertisingElie, RJetons et médailles publicitaires français
9780752449999NapoleonicTodd, RNapoleon's Medals: Victory to the Arts
978-0473155858New ZealandMacMaster, HamishCatalogue of N.Z. Commem. Medals 1941-2007
978-0473195410New ZealandMacMaster, Hamish +1N.Z. Challenge coins
978-8387355593PolandParchmowicz, JanuszKatalog Monet Zastepczych
978-0714118161satyricalAttwood, Philip +1Medals of Dishonour

Paper money
978-0896898377GlobalEd: George CuhajWorld Paper Money 1961 - present
not availableIndiaJain, ManikIndian paper money (...) 2010-11 (1770-2009)
978-8190106818IndiaJhunjhunwalla, Kishore +1 Standard Reference Guide to Indian Paper Money
not availableNepalKhatiwadaGlimpses of Nepali paper currency
0873410696So. AsiaBruce, Colin +3South Asian coins and paper money
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An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.