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German Beer Tokens

Started by Mackie, June 08, 2012, 09:59:44 PM

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The token is clearly generic. Frankfurt's Brauereien = Frankfurt Breweries. One variety of this token occurs with counterstamp K F. Another one is counterstamped with 21 4 18 73. The last one probably a souvenir of the "Beer uprising" which occurred on the 21st of april.

I could not find other, specific tokens related to this 1/2 Kreuzer price increase listed. I have attached the entry "Bierkrewall Marken" in the W. Hasselmann Marken und Zeichen Lexicon A - Z. Menzel also lists these tokens but attributes only the one counterstamped with K F to a half Kreuzer value.

Maybe also paper tokens or tickets were used in some pubs.


Henk sent me a pdf of the pages in the catalogue he referred to. A short intro basically confirms chrisild's story, linking the token with the price hike, but doesn't give details on who issued the tokens. Since the token is inscribed FRANKFURT'S BRAUEREIEN, I guess the Frankfurter breweries had a club that sold the tokens to watering holes and set prices for all members. A cartel by today's standards. Since the price was apparently the same everywhere, the danger of tokens acquired here but spent there was irrelevant.

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