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Another Puzzle? Ancient Copper Coin

Started by Rangnath, April 24, 2008, 07:17:04 PM

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Well, maybe it is ancient. 
Maybe it has two feet on one side? Or are they fish?  Maybe I have no idea what is depicted in this coin! It is large and obviously well used. It weighs 17.4 grams. 
Is this the end of the story?


Dear Richie, I am just puzzled by this coin. The fishes may indicate an Pandyan origin, but the weight is much to high for a coin from this period. I think it must be an 18th or 19th cent. issue, but from where, I just don't know. I hope some other people may come forward with a suggestion, which I may have overlooked.


I take some small delight in having presented a coin which puzzles you. That is no small task.  Of course I would take a greater delight in knowing this coin's history. 
By the way,
the measurement of the coin is 23mm X 18mm.



A takka from Bharatpur had a similar design to this one.  But I guess it is a stretch to see the two fish (or hands? or feet?) as a corrupted Katar.  The weight was perfect, 16 to 17 grams.


The feet reminded me of footprints of Vishnu found on coins of Almora, but I didn't find an exact match.


I see that you have resurrected one of my favorite mystery coins.