Copper Coin of Raghuji III: in the name of Ahmad Shah

Started by Rangnath, April 11, 2008, 06:43:36 AM

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Found among numerous Maratha coins with trisuls and flags were these two 7.5 gram coins.  Yes they are not in good shape.  But I suspect that they are common due to the fact that I have two which almost identical.  A closer look in the enhanced scanned image below and I would guess that I have the reverse upside down.  Maybe.  The obverse might be upside down too.  Am I seeing a flag or the letter B?  Is the shape to the left a letter V or the number 8? 
One thing is more certain.  This is a lot more fun than packing for my flight to Washington DC tomorrow morning!


Richie, you're are quite correct by indicating that it are both Maratha coins. It are infact issues of the Bhonsla Rajas of Nagpur. Both the leftside image are upside down and should be treated as reverse images.
The rightside images need to be turned clockwise till the crossbar is horizontal. This side is the obverse.
Having done so you will see the name of Ahmad Shah on top.
The legend on the reverse (flag side) reads: Na (flag) gpur. The coins were struck in 1825 and continued for a few years more. It was during this time that Dr. Gordon was in charge of the mint at Nagpur.
The issue falls within the reign of Raghuji III (AH1233-1270/AD1818-1853).

Have a good flight and happy landing at Washington DC.


Thanks so much Oesho.