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Started by $and€r, April 29, 2012, 02:45:30 PM

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I'm trying to complete Yugoslavia (1945 till 2002) this year.. But find it difficult to find some info about the varieties mentioned in Krause.. Hopefully somebody can help me with this..
1) 10 Para 1978, 2 varieties of the 7..  (photo's 2 and 3, are these the variety??)

2) 50 Para 1978, 2 varieties of the 7.. Same as 10 Para???

3) 1 Dinar 1977, variety of wreath..

4) 5 Dinara 1971, variety of wreath..

5) 5 Dinara 1972, variety of the 2

6) 10 Dinara 1977, variety of wreath.. Same as 1 Dinar???

7) 2 Dinar 1938 small crown.. I'm quit sure this is a small crown.. (very nice grade..  :))


OK, I'll try

1) AFAIK, only 10 and 50 para shows this variety. Your photo is of 5 para? I'll need to check my pieces...Great find.

2) Thus, answer is yes. 20 para do not show it, I had an idea that it does, but didn't find it. Didn't check 5 para though.  :o

3) One variety has thinner inscriptions, also difference occurs in oak leaves in wreath. Longer/shorter lines in it.

I - Stems on oak leaves are short, they start from the edge of leaves
II - Stems on leaves are longer and they start almost by the branch

5) Closed 2, opened 2

6) No, here difference is bigger, one variety has lines on all leaves, other only on leaves that cover oak and laurel branches

BTW, there are few other varieties, including 20 para 1977 with star below 7s in date, pattern that accidentally went into circulation so I haven't heard of existing examples, extra ear on some 2 dinara coat of arms, 20 para without 2 holders for fires on coat of arms, milled edge on some yellow 1988 coins, some pieces without graver's signature etc. Sometimes, obviously it's hard to determine which are faulty dies and which are really varieties. People like filled letter, I can't see those as varieties.

7) That is subtype divided in SCWC by number. 75 million of those were supposed to be minted, however after initial shipment of 750 thousand somehow they realized crown is not proportional like on other coins, so they made it bigger on the rest (74.25 million!). Small crown is much scarcer in reality, too, so I assume figures are correct. 12 vs 14 mm, I believe your is small crown, easier to tell when in hands.

Those are almost always in good quality, since they have been in circulation for 2 years only. Later war came to Yugoslavia as well and various currencies have been used instead, including Italian Lira and German Reichsmark, as well as local coins of course. Lot of tokens were normally circulated on municipal and regional level as well.


Thanks..    I made an mistake 1) should be 10 Para instead of 5 Para...  ::)


I've found a decent amount of different double dies, coming week i'll start photograph these.. Here is a small one.. 5 Dinar 2000..


This one I think is a nice one..  2 Dinar 1985



Very nice finds :) Especially 2 dinara and it seem pretty much UNC.

I've been searching those when I started to learn about errors some 10-15 years ago, didn't find any in several hundreds pieces, but errors of that kind did not keep me interested for very long...


The documentation of the 10 & 50 para 1978


My other documentations of Yugoslavian variants


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