Afghanistan, Durrani, Taïmur Shah, Kashmir mint

Started by Arno V, April 06, 2012, 07:15:35 PM

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Arno V

I searched all over the Internet for more information on an old Indian copper coin I have, but I didn't find the thinnest thread to cling on to.
It measures 22mm across and is 7mm thick. Unfortunately, I have no accurate scale to measure its weight.

Can anyone tell me more about this coin? Region? Period? Denomination?

Thanks in advance!


Hello Arno & welcome to the forum,

coin looks similar to some coins of Afghanistan/Kashmir or that sort of area but someone will identify it for sure,


Dear Capnbirdseye you are correct: it's a copper paisa from Afghanistan, Kashmir mint / Durrani / Taïmur Shah
The ry. is out of flan in upper part of the 1st picture
ref: R.B. Whitehead, n°692 to 700(depending of the date: yr 1 to 15) of "Catalogue of Coins in Panjab museum - vol VII : Nadir Shah & Durrani dynasty"
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Arno V

Many great thanks, Capnbirdseye and Saro!

Once you know what it is, you can find it anywhere on the Internet: the same coin passed through one of the forums on world-of-coins before, and it is even available in Numismaster (KM#561) and has pricing info in

Without you, I would never have known how to find this, and meanwhile, I learned quite something on Afghan history, too. Which is one part of the fun of collecting coins.

Thanks guys!


I know I am just adding to the thread but yes absolutely.