Iran silver coin

Started by Arminius, March 23, 2012, 08:46:38 AM

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Iran for shure, another 4 Shahi piece ?

22 mm / 4,59 g), silver, irregular alignment ↑<- (ca. 270°)

Date 1160 AH at 7-8 o´clock on the obverse  ???


Md. Shariful Islam

Really beautiful coin. I recall a coin of Delhi sultanate that has similar decoration of vines inside.


Afsharids, Adil Shah (AH1160-1161/AD1747-1748), AR Abbasi, AH1160, mint: Tabriz.
Legend obverse: gast ravej be-hokm-e lam-yazli / sekka-ye sultanat be-nam-e 'ali / zarb tabriz 1160. (By order of the Eternal One, coins of the sultanate in the name of 'Ali have become current. Struck at Tabriz 1160)
Ref.: Mitchiner, World of Islam: #2117; Album (3rd ed.): #2760.


Thanks again Oesho!

On the web i found about a similar reverse: Shiite formula (Kalima) in centre, margins: names of twelve Imams around.

Hope this is here also correct as i see no difference.