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China, Yuan-feng grass script (1078-1085), Remmelts 70

Started by bart, March 08, 2008, 10:23:52 AM

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The second coin is attributed to Nguyen Phong 1251-1256.
Size is 23 mm.



This one also reads clockwise, which commonly occurred in Song Dynasty Chinese cons (and possibly elsewhere).  Can't quite make out the second character but it may be fu = plenty in Chinese, so I would read "Yuanfu tongbao".  Yuan = nguyen in Vietnamese, and fu doubtless = phong, so again this is plausible.

The only thing I could suggest for all of these (possibly excepting the Yonglo/Eiraku coin) is to seek out a list of Vietnamese/Annamese reign titles with the equivalents in Chinese characters and match them up.  The problem comes when the same title was used in different countries at different times, when the task becomes rather more specialised, and you have to rely on character style, fabric of the coin etc. to be more sure.  The ones with seal-style characters and clockwise legends, in particular, look to be Song dynasty or contemporary, without further research.


Quote from: bart on March 08, 2008, 10:23:52 AM
The second coin is attributed to Nguyen Phong 1251-1256.
Size is 23 mm.



As translateltd said, once you start looking in the Zong dynasty, you find the characteristic "grass script". This one is also in the name of emperor Sheng Tsung, Yuan-feng t'ung pao (1078-1085).

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