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Tale of the 'pig' Rupee

Started by Overlord, March 08, 2008, 08:15:44 AM

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Here is an interesting tale...

On the 1911 issues of the Rupee, Half Rupee, Quarter Rupee, Two Anna, and Quarter Anna, Emperor George V was shown wearing the chain of the Order of the Indian Empire. Through poor engraving, the elephant looked very much like a pig (with its trunk resembling a pig's snout). This offended the religious views of many in India. As a result, most of the infamous 'pig' Rupees were withheld from circulation and melted. Coins issued in the subsequent years had a redesigned elephant.

The 'pig' elephant

The redesigned elephant


So that's why they are difficult to come by!


Interesting indeed, but also as a story that shows the willingness to be offended of a certain segment of the population of the subcontinent. I am reminded of the funny crusader's cross flap.

BTW, the order of the elephant is ... Danish!

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