New Music pieces, Peru pieces and ??

Started by Alan Glasser, February 16, 2012, 12:43:00 AM

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Alan Glasser

Hello, all.

I have a new all purpose printer that I am trying out, and have a lot of learning to do with the scanner, like...why can't I get a nice bright green like one of the coins is in...but anyway...these are 5 new pieces I have acquired in the past few weeks.

2 are coins for the music set (India and Poland), 2 are for my revived interest in modern Peruvian commemoratives, and 1 Polish piece that just "appeared". I don't know just showed up in my mail box. I didn't order it. Oh well. I haven't had time to research any of the pieces or put them in my albums...but maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, here they are...I hope.  All he best.   Alan

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So, I am going to see how the new scanner talks to the Bulletin board.