Isle of Man Pyramid Coin

Started by humpybong, February 25, 2008, 07:41:57 AM

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This is one of my latest purchases.  Hope you enjoy looking at it.

I am a bit of an Ancient Egypt freek anyway.


"Experience enables you to recognise a mistake when you make it a again"


Without the packaging, would this coin be seen as a pyramid? Or just as a triangular coin? :-\
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Derek Pobjoy has a great sense of theater and it shows. This reminds me of the great Tut Ankh Amon exhibition in the British Museum. The lines to get in were going around the block and those waiting in line were amused by street hawkers. I still remember the guy of my age with the newspapers and the raspy voice repeating over and over again "King Tut. Full colour poster". At the ticket window, I presented my student identity card and my wife-to-be showed her Amsterdam public transportation identity card, which convinced the friendly non-Dutch speaking lady to let us in with a student discount (it probably helped that we were looking young and hungry).

Inside, the lines just continued, but they were well-behaved, British lines. Yet, they moved very slowly and we could hardly stand at the end of the exhibition, so we sat down with undrinkable British coffee at a table with a British mother and her British daughter. My sweet companion couldn't stomach the "coffee" and tried to make it more palatable by putting in a marshmallow. It refused to melt and tried to jump out. The British mother whispered "what's that?". Daughter whispered back "marsh - mallow". After that, we couldn't possible let them know we spoke English...

From the exhibition, I sent a postcard with an artifact also shown on a commemorative stamp sold at the exhibition. My father collected stamps. We were annoyed when the card didn't arrive. My English teacher also went to see the exhibition and I got her to send a second one. It didn't arrive either, so I wrote a complaint. The very formal answer I got (those were the days, when you actually got an answer) was that there were no stamps affixed to the card. The stamps on the card were on the picture side, which could only be accepted on the first day of issue. Afterwards, such stamps as were on any but the address side were officially ignored. The letter contained the two cards with the stamps uncancelled ...

I digress. Sorry. Of course, someone thought of triangular pseudo coins before Mr. Pobjoy. If memory doesn't deceive me Tonga and Bermuda (wonderfully named Bermuda triangle coins, I couldn't resist them).

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


Yes it is triangular.....I think it is just called the Pyramid coin because of the subject

Still was a nice coin to pick up.  I have heared a rumour that another one will be produced, but cannot get confirmation.

"Experience enables you to recognise a mistake when you make it a again"


Not Tonga.  Cook Islands. And theirs circulates.